How to Hire the Best Candidate

One of the most important aspects to any business is making sure that you have the best team and staff available. Having a great staff is so much more than just making sure than ensuring capability: each member of your team has to be the right fit. They must be able to gel with the rest of your staff and also know how to work well with others. They have to be humble enough to work in a team, but independent enough to be a self-starter. They have to get things done. While it may not be easy to recognize this in an interview, there are many things that you can do to determine if a potential candidate will be the right fit.

Make a list of desired attributes

Think about the role that you want the candidate to fill and how important this function is to the growth of your business. Come up with a list of attributes and character traits that you believe will make a hire excel in this position. Keep this list handy and remember to glance at it before, and after each interview. Make sure to evaluate how each candidate measures up to the list that you had in mind. This will help you to narrow down candidates and ultimately determine which one is the best fit for your organization.

Ask the right questions

You can tell a lot about a leader by the questions that he or she asks. Asking the right questions will help you to learn about prospective employees and determine if they bring the right attitude and skillset to the job. They will help you to gain an understanding of the kind of person that you are interviewing and whether or not the demands of the position will be a good fit. More importantly, the provide insight into how they think, which is an important indicator as to how someone will perform. This also goes both ways as well. The right candidate will also ask the right questions.

Hire for attitude

When evaluating whether someone is a good fit, skill and experience is very important. However, what is equally important is the attitude that the candidate is bringing to the table. While it is hard to determine what kind of attitude a person will bring to the job from a series of interviews, a quick look at a resume or even the way a cover letter is written can give you a lot of insight into the kind of attitude the candidate will bring to work day in and day out. Pay special attention to the answers each candidate gives to pointed questions in order to determine their outlook and work ethic.

Look for relevant skills and experience

This may seem obvious, but it is still worth mentioning. Each employer must have a clear picture of the skillset needed from each potential candidate. Once that determination is made, it is important to make sure that the person you are hiring meets the criteria. A good way to determine this is to look at past samples of their work to determine how well their expertise meets the criteria that you are looking for in your company. Make sure that you pick a person that is competent and has all of the necessary skills needed for the position.