Top 4 Interview Questions for Employers

An interview is a two-way street. It isn’t simply a chance to market yourself to a potential employer, it is a mutual opportunity for employer and potential hire to explore possibilities. Getting to know the company you may soon work for is crucial to making the best career decision. Of course, there are some questions that you can ask that give great insight into what your new job will be like. Here are the top five interview questions to ask:

1. What are the goals of your organization?

Every company has a series of long term and short term goals that it hopes to accomplish. Knowing what these are is very important because it teaches you what you will be working towards and why. Learning an organization’s main objective will help you to understand the purpose behind the work being done, which is more significant than the work itself. By gaining perspective on what the company intends to do and what its goals are, you can make the most informed decision on whether it is a good fit for you.

2. Can you describe your company’s culture?

A well-defined company culture says a lot about a company, what it stands for and what it means to work there. Getting a good sense of a company’s culture helps you understand the firm’s level of commitment to its employers and its customers. It gives you a clear idea of what the over-arching mission is. By learning this early on, you can decide if this firm shares a mission and a vision that you believe in and can buy into. Whether or not the goals of a potential new employer aligns with your own can be a make-or-break aspect of deciding whether to jump on board or not.

3. What will the first 100 days of the job entail?

Often the most important time frame of a job is what happens in the first three and a half months. Usually when someone is hired, it is to fulfill an immediate or imminent need for a project. Getting insight into what these days will be like will help you to prepare yourself for the position. It also makes the transition period a lot easier to adapt to because you will know exactly what to expect. Ultimately, the goal of getting this information is to help you prepare to do the best possible job that you can on your first few months on the job. Starting on the right foot is a great way to set the tone at a new job.

4. What is the career path for this position?

Before you enter a position, it is important to understand where it may lead. For this reason, asking about the career path is crucial. You want to get an idea of the opportunities for advancement so that you can evaluate the compatibility of the job and the company. This can help you make a holistic and well-informed decision about where you would like to work. You may find that you might be better off accepting less money now or choosing a small business over a large corporation if it will provide you with more opportunities to grow and enhance your expertise.